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Sweet Birthday Ideas

by Birthday Zoo on July 21, 2012

We all have birthdays. Yes, they come around once a year which means it can sometimes be difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas for birthday presents. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to put a smile on someone’s face.

It’s all about that thought you put into the gift so forget flashy gifts that cost the earth and dispense with the hassle of scouring the high street for a jumper that the birthday boy or girl wouldn’t be seen dead in or a set of bubble bath that is destined to several years tucked away at the back of a drawer. Keep it simple and put the joy back into giving with some fabulous retro sweets. Birthdays are all about treats and tasty surprises, so what better way to put the sweetness into the celebrations than with a colourful array of tempting confectionary?

A Box of Surprises

How about a Big Brown Box? That doesn’t sound like the most inspiring birthday present we hear you cry, but hang on – don’t be hasty – this is no ordinary Big Brown Box, this particular Big Brown Box is brimming with a range of retro delights that will have any sweet lover salivating as soon as they remove the birthday wrappings! From Fizz Whizz to Dip Dabs, Curly Wurlys to Wispas, this is a beautiful box of scrummy bliss!

For the birthday girl, get her something pretty, colourful and full of flavour – the Party Box for Girls. It will appeal to all the special lady’s senses, with Love Hearts, a Candy Lipstick, Rainbow Drops and other delectable delights. And don‘t forget the birthday boy. He can tuck into the Party Box for Boys with its appealing array of confectionary including jellies, chocolate, Fizz Whizz, Refreshers and Vimto Lollies – yum!

Sweet Retro Delights

For any child born in the 70s or 80s, you can make all their birthday dreams come true by taking them on a sweet and nostalgic trip down memory lane with all their favourite retro sweets. With Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fruit Salads, Pear Drops, Gobstoppers, Sherbet Dip Daps and so, so much more, whatever sweet you adore, you’re sure to find it at The Gobstopper.

Use your imagination to find the perfect sweet-tasting birthday present. Think flamboyant, think colour, think fruitiness – big bright, fun and funky, make their birthday with a fruity swirly, whirly, Whirligig Lolly. From Gum to Gobstoppers, Liquorice to Lollies, whatever it is that gets their taste buds tantalised, you can surprise them with a scrumptious gift tailored just to their taste.

What’s the best thing about birthdays? Parties and presents! And no self-respecting party is complete without party bags packed full of delicious old fashioned sweets. So whether you’re looking for a birthday present or catering for a kid’s party, we’ve got it covered (in confectionary!)

Get the Party Started!

When it comes to confectionery and chocolate treats, everyone has their favourites so what better time to indulge than on a birthday? Spoil that special someone in your life with a bag filled with all their most-loved confectionary. Little kids and big kids alike will delight in opening their bag, box or hamper (depending on how generous you’ve been!) and savouring the scent of their desired retro sweets before getting stuck in and sampling the delicious flavours. So forget bad jumpers and sad looking bath sets and take the sweet route to birthday gifts. With bags, jars, hampers and perfect party bag fillers, we’ve got everything you need to create the ultimate tasteful birthday and party extravaganza. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

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