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Superhero Birthday Parties

by Birthday Zoo on August 1, 2012

superhero partyEveryone loves a superhero! Superheroes are the perfect party guests for your next birthday celebration. Not only can you host an entirely superhero themed birthday but you can even ask your guests to dress up as their favorite superheroes. It’s two parties in one – a costume party and a superhero party.

There are many popular party packs that focus on one particular superhero, like Spiderman or Batman, but you can get as creative as you want by mixing and matching party supplies from all your favorite characters into a one-of-a-kind theme party just for you.

Don’t be limited by the all in one packs, all of the party supplies that are available in the all inclusives are also available individually. So you can have Batman plates, Spiderman cups, Transformer napkins and so on.

Asking your birthday party guests to dress up as their favorite superhero, or to make up their own superhero costume, is a great way to engage kids in your celebration before the party ever starts.

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