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Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by Birthday Zoo on July 30, 2012

summer birthday partiesBeing born in the summer months is a great advantage for your child. There are so many things that you can do as a birthday party for them throughout their childhood years.

Here are a few memorable kids birthday party ideas for your child and your child’s friends:

An Ice Cream Party

If the weather is scorching hot, an ice cream party can be a great way of getting the kids together in a cost-effective manner. You can get all different types of ice cream together, along with lots of different toppings such as sprinkles and sauces, and then get the children to make their own ice cream sundaes. This may make a mess so make sure that you do not put out your favourite tablecloths! You can also theme the party with ice cream hats, ice cream related games and even a piñata in the shape of an ice cream. Kids love getting creative so making their own ice cream can be fun as well as being a special treat that they can enjoy after.

Water fun

In the summer, it is a great idea to have fun out in the garden. If you have the outside space, then getting aquatic activities together is a breeze. You don’t necessarily need a swimming pool to have a water fun party. Get a few paddling or splash pools in the garden and water guns will go down a treat as well. There are lots of other water related games which you might want to pick up from your local entertainer shop. You might want to get water balloons, and you can even get some inflatable’s which you can play with in the water. You should ask with the children to come in their swimming costumes, and hopefully as the party is in the garden it will not make too much mess.

An art party

You might think that arts and crafts is too messy for your child’s birthday party, but in the summer months you can make sure that everything is done outside. Why not get a long trestle table out in the garden, cover it with disposable tablecloths and put lots of different arts and crafts pieces out on the table. This might include anything from paint, to glitter and lots of crayons, paper and art supplies. You can pick up things relatively cheap from your local art store, and the children will love being creative out in the garden – plus it’s something your child’s friends can take home to show their parents what they made.

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