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Host an Olympics Birthday Party

by Birthday Zoo on August 7, 2012

The summer Olympics are stirring up the excitement of athletic competition, medals and team spirit worldwide. So why not be inspired by the 2012 Olympics and host your very own Birthday Olympics Party!

Hosting an Olympics party is a unique birthday idea that yound kids will love. Here are some party ideas for hosting your Olympiad party:

1. Create Teams

Consult your guest list and randomly assign party guests to a team. The Olympics are teamed by country – you can do countries if you like or you can make up fake country names or use another team naming method.

2. Design Challenges and Competitions

You can create Olympic challenges very easily. If you’re hosting an outdoor Olympic party in the backyard, you have tons of options. Depending on the equipment you already have at home you could organize a basketball throwing hoop contest, a badminton tournament, volleyball tournament, jump roping endurance challenge, and if you have a swimming pool you can create tons of swimming challenges. Remember to make the challenges appropriate to the age of the kids at your party. And keep it safe.

If you do not have extra supplies like racquets and other things, then use what you have at hand, in nature, etc. You can still do relay races,  jumping, hopping, summersaulting, walking on your hands, holding a handstand the longest, synchronized walking or dancing, frisbee toss and more. Use your imaginations. You can measure wins by speed, finesse, distance or other.

If your Olympic party is indoors, you can have team bingo, indoor scavenger hunt, and other challenges. If you have old fashioned games like pick-up-stix or Operation, these make for fun challenges and competition activities.

3. Scorecards, Medals, Flags and Team Stickers

Get the excitement brewing by making birthday Olympic medals, flags and team swag. You don’t have to spend much money and it’s a great craft project for the birthday girl or boy to help out with their birthday party planning.

4. Olympic Birthday Cake

Get creative with your Olympics birthday cake. You can easily make a Olympics ring cake by baking 5 round cakes and cutting circle out, making bundt cakes or using other tricks to form the rings. Frost your Olympics ring cakes with the Olympic ring colors.  You could have a sports themed cake of either an athlete or athletic equipment like a tennis racquet or volleyball.

5. Olympic Favors

Birthday party favors for this themed celebration can include any sports oriented favors. You can purchase sports favor packs or mix and match your own. The NBC Olympics store has some great Olympics memorabilia like   that you can include to create souvenir Olympic party take-aways.

2012 Olympics NBC Gymnastics Pin

2012 Olympics NBC Gymnastics Pin

2012 Olympics Weightlifting Taxi

2012 Olympics Weightlifting Taxi

2012 Olympics NBC London PVC Keychain

2012 Olympics NBC London PVC Keychain

2012 Olympics Kids Set

2012 Olympics Kids Set

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