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Money Saving Birthday Party Entertainment Tips for Kids Parties

by Birthday Zoo on July 19, 2012

Looking for fun birthday party entertainment that won’t break the bank? Follow these tips from a professional party magician and discover how to have a fun party and hire great entertainment for less.

Birthday party planning is a whole lot more complicated today than it was for our parents. Today’s moms and dads face an enormous number of party planning choices. If you’re hosting a party at home for more than 10 children, you’ll want to pick the right entertainment to the children happy. With the right party activities the children will stay engaged and orderly. With no planned entertainment, a kid’s party can quickly get out of hand.

What is the best entertainment for your child’s party, and how can you get the most for your party budget? As a full-time, professional magician in New York City I’ve seen my share of extravagant and chaotic parties along with many simple and fun events. The trick to planning a great child’s party all starts with the right way of thinking.

Too many parents stress out over kid’s parties because they’re focusing on the wrong thing. Instead of worrying about impressing other parents, focus on giving the children a fun time. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive.

Party Places

Sure, you could book out an expensive party room. The upside of a party room is simplicity. No clean up before or after, plenty of parking and lots of helpers. The downside is the added expense and often a homogenized experience as the staff pushes the kids from one canned event to the next. Planning your party at home can save a whole bunch of money, as long as you give yourself enough time to prepare. At home, you set the party rules. You can give your child exactly the kind of experience you know they’ll enjoy.

Guest List

The more the merrier? Not necessarily, and especially when it comes to children’s events. Keep your party invite list small. If your child is under the age of five, don’t invite more than 10 children. As kids get older their social skills improve and they can party with larger groups, but toddlers should only have very small parties.

Party Duration

Short and sweet is the rule for kid’s parties. For most birthday parties for very young children, a two-hour party is perfect. The first thirty minutes plan for arrivals and let the children settle in and enjoy a snack. Book a professional party entertainer for the next hour for a fun and organized event. Wrap up the party with 30 minutes for cake and birthday presents.

Save Money on Entertainment

The sooner you plan the more you can save. Your best source for finding the best entertainment for your child’s party is a personal referral. Ask friends and family to suggest a fun entertainer. You’re more likely to get a better price and find a reliable professional. Next, avoid party entertainment agencies. They typically mark up the price of entertainment without vetting then performers for quality. Get creative; some entertainers will be more than happy to give you a big discount for prepayment or by paying in cash. Finally, you may find performers who have some last minute openings and are willing to take a lower fee to fill the gaps.

Brian is a magician in New York. You can learn more about his show at McMagical.com.

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