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Giving Birthday Gifts on a Student Budget

by Birthday Zoo on July 27, 2012

Everybody loves to give nice birthday gifts to those they love, but students have an especially difficult time finding the money for birthday presents. Despite their financial difficulties, however, most desire to show their love or friendship with just the right item. Thankfully, there are several inexpensive ideas that students can take to give gifts that don’t break the bank. The following are some creative ways to obtain a gift that will be appreciated without spending more than necessary:

Shop in the Right Places

Try the following places for fabulous and unique gift ideas:

Consignment Shops: These shops carry everything from clothing and jewelry to furniture and small appliances, and most of the articles are in excellent condition even if they are second hand. Some merchandise can even be found unused in the original boxes.

Thrift Stores: Look for merchandise that can be repurposed. An antique vase to which flowers or plants can be added or an old wooden table that can be painted with a good coat of $2.00 satin paint to make it look stylish and new.

Yard Sales: Yard sales often have brand new items that people received for Christmas or as a wedding gift. Books can also be found in mint condition. These items may have never been used and can be purchased for a
fraction of the cost that would be charged in a retail establishment.

Free Cycle: Just because someone is listing an item on this website does not mean that it is in bad condition. Join a local group, and carefully read the listings to pounce on those that sound valuable.

Use Some Creativity

Everyone knows that time is a valuable commodity. When a student gives a birthday gift that requires any amount of time, the recipient will understand the sacrifice and feel honored by it. The following ideas make wonderful birthday gifts:

-Painting a picture or crafting another decorative household item

-Baking cookies, pies, cakes, or casseroles

-Homemade earrings, bracelets or necklaces

-ReGift – have gifts you’ve received but never used? Consider regifting them, it’s eco-friendly, earth-friendly and costs you no money at all.

Students who love to shop for birthday gifts should always check out online bargains and discount outlet stores to get the best buys. If they find an item that they wish to purchase on sale, they should always check online and in their local newspapers for coupons that will lower the price even further. They may also wish to buy birthday gifts in advance in order to get the deeper discounts offered at the end of each season of the year. If the gift is still too costly after using these tricks, ask other relatives, friends, or coworkers to share in the expense.

Guest blogger Jennifer Lewis likes to use her creativity to come up with unique birthday gift ideas on a budget. She writes for a site that helps female students find financial aid, including government grants for women in college and MBA scholarships for minority women.

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