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Birthday Party: Secrets And Ideas by Ms.CiCi

Birthday Party Secrets - For today's busy working adults, planning a good birthday party and shopping for supplies is a task that often takes up too much valuable time. Proud parents of newborns are also too busy to do much celebrating but they are usually prone to get more involved when choosing party themes. After all, it's the child's "first" birthday. And if the child is the "first" child, even more reason to set valuable time aside. Whether the child is the "first" one or if you are planning a party for any other aged child, let us give you a few tips, ideas and secrets to make the occasion more enjoyable for everyone. If the child is old enough, let your child choose the theme of the birthday party and be actively involved in the planning stages of the event. After all, it is the "child's" birthday and the "child's" party. While planning a birthday party can be a bit time consuming and challenging, all the work will be worth it when you see how much fun everyone has. Think of labor pains and how you forget them once you've laid eyes on your new baby. Well, certainly party planning is not to "that" degree!

Think about having a Birthday Treasure Hunt. You'll need your video camera for this one. It is a one-of-a-kind, birthday party movie making adventure that starts your birthday child and all their guests in a simple but extremely fun mini-movie they will be talking about for a long time to come. Be creative with what you will use for "treasures" and where you will hide them.For girls, think about having a tea party. Simple tea party etiquette tips and guidelines will help make your child's birthday tea party a great success and one they will remember fondly for years to come. You might want to make an etiquette guideline list and send it along with your invitations, informing your guests that you will be following this list of tea party etiquette guidelines. Be creative! Make it FUN!How would you like your house full of party guests to be kept busy with quiet games and activities during the last half hour of your child's party? If you plan on making a birthday party craft with the guests, make sure you create a prototype, for the guests to see and for you to gauge the difficulty level of the craft before the birthday party begins. A favorite Disney character party theme is a great, fun idea.

Think about sending someone right to your door, in costume, representing this character! Share the "secret" with those you invite. This tells the person your inviting that your party is really going to be special and exciting. Ever think about having a “circus stunts” party? The party goers could do the stunts, which could be anything from diving through hula hoops to attempting to juggle rubber balls. Another consideration would be themed party packages, which have everything included from the birthday invitations to the activities and games. The supplies for just about any birthday party theme including plates, cups, napkins, table covers, utensils, centerpieces, decorations, balloons, party favors, loot bags, activities, games, pinatas, crafts and much more are also included in these themed party packages. Rather than traveling all over town to find a theme package simply do a quick internet search and navigate to a web site dedicated to birthday party supplies packages. If old enough, don't forget to get your little superhero involved in this internet search. Remember, it's "their" special day!

More ideas on this fun, special occasion can be found at:

Be creative, have some fun because you're going to see a lot of smiles and happy faces when that special day arrives. And, don't forget to take lots of pictures! ~ Ms.CiCi

Ms. CiCi, has a gift of teaching, is an accomplished author and world traveler who enjoys sharing her life's experiences with others, making their life, their world a bit easier. Her writings expose her wealth of "secret information" so derived from her travels as well as drawing from her own personal wealth of wisdom. A great lover of nature, a visit to her website is a true delight. http://www.CiCi-Online.Com

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